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I have long believed that Pagans discuss too much and understand too little. The tendency to "not have a doctrine" is both a great strength, and a great weakness. Its a strength in that it allows a thousand flowers to bloom. But it is also a great weakness in advancing our faith into the general discussion of religion, faith, art, fashion, and any number of other topics. In other words, we can say less because we have less to say. We don't need doctrine, but we need to better articulate what we do believe, what we do have, and why anyone else should take us seriously.

I think the fact that we don't have a clearly articulated discussion on our faith is wrong. I believe we have a lot to say to the broader culture, and we'd better start saying it or we have turned our back on our responsibility to work for social justice, the life of the planet, and the introduction and reflection of the best elements of our religion in the wider society. If we don't act we are wrong. We are not honoring the Gods, Mother Earth, our families, or ourselves.

Starhawk and others see action through social action. No matter how much I agree with the progressive and liberal social action platforms, I'm just not a social action kind of guy. I see too many complexities, and too many reasons why social action won't work. I applaud their hopefulness, but I despair when I see the progress that is often made.

Instead I believe I may be able to help in another way. The better we articulate the elements of our faith, the more we may be able to have a discussion with ourselves, and with the broader culture. We need to have that discussion, and we need to be seen as reasonable, convincing, and offering an alternative to the book centered, monothestic, paternalistic, and socially stifiling faiths that are dominating the current conversation in both our culture and the world.

This is a dangerous proposition. No matter what I, or anyone else, says about our faith we will be criticized from within, and dismissed from without. Oh well, the social action guys take real risks, these risks aren't so bad in comparison...

I also offer that anyone who wants to e-mail me their comments (porphyry at will get them posted somewhere on the site. As long as they're on topic, and involve a discussion, not a diatribe or worse.

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