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General Pagan Reference

These sites provide general reference and background for the entire Pagan community. Again, they are in no particular order, but the sites I view as most inclusive and important are higher on the list.

If you don't know what it is, go visit this link before you read any further on this site!

The e-Cauldron
A good reference site, not to be confused with the Cauldron magazine (see below).

The PaganPages
An online magazine where many of the essays here were first published.

Real Magick Occult Library
Articles and essays on Magick.

Issac Bonewitz
The author of "Real Magic" amongst other works.

Encyclopedia Mythica
"Mythological" encyclopedia.

Cunning Folk
An underacknowledged and unappreciated part of our history.

The Pagan Institute
A repository of thoughts about Paganism.

The Cauldron Magazine
A traditional, paper, magazine about Paganism and the Craft (from England).

If you have not read her book, get it, read it, it is the most thoughtful, best written thing out there on Pagan practice.