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The amount of good information and discussion out there on Pagan Theology is dissappointing. However here are links to some of the better sites with a little of my commentary. These links are in no particular order. Also, in many cases I link directly to the content, vice the main page (which can often be totally unrelated). I understand that that is not good practice.

Biblioteca Arcana
Essays on ancient Greek/Roman theology and practice

Pagan Polytheology
A good site on neo-Pagan theology and apologetics

Pagan Theology Wiki
Is this the beginning of a true collaborative discussion on Pagan Theology? Lots of discussion, lots of entries make this one of the most extensive links on the Web.

Essays in Pagan Studies
An interesting grouping of interesting essays.

ADF Theology Essay
What do the Druids say about theology?

Pagan Theology Web Ring
Ten sites in the ring.

E-Cauldron: Pagan Theology
One of the most thoughtful essays out there.

Pagan Philosopher's Attack!
One of the more interesting aspects of Pagan Theology is the fervor with which Pagans defended their faith during the early years of the Christian Church. A very interesting subject.

The Pomegranate The Pomegranate
An excellent journal of Pagan Studies with much to say about theology.
Theology is for Pagans

Theology for Pagans!
A very good site that addresses some of the big questions.

Solitary Pagan: Theology
An interesting perspective and discussion on theology from the solitary perspective.
Proteus Library
A collection of articles, some having to do with Pagan Theology, but all generally interesting.
If you know of a site or material online that discusses Pagan theology, in any form, and its not listed here, please let me know at porphyry at pagantheology dot com.