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The essays contained here come mostly from my column "Pagan Theology" on the PaganPages e-zine. While PaganPages posts the most recent column, here is the complete archive.

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An essay on mixing of paths. Originally on WitchVox.

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Theology is for Christians
Why should Pagans do Theology? Other than owning the word

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Why not start at the end?

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How can we know the Gods and Goddesses exist?

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How can we know there are more than one?

Knowledge how do we know the Gods and Goddesses Knowledge
How do we know the Gods and Goddesses?
Why do we do what we do when we do it?
Defining Ins and Outs of Pagansim
What is a Pagan ?
The Battle for Yule
Putting the reason for the season back into Yule
A Pagan approach to the ultimate beginning
A theological response to name calling